At our dental practice, we are committed to safeguarding your oral health around the clock. One way we achieve this is by offering custom-fitted night guards. Night guards help keep you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. This common condition, known as bruxism, can lead to a host of dental problems if left untreated.

Understanding Bruxism

Bruxism is an involuntary habit that many people are unaware they have. It often occurs during sleep, making it difficult to diagnose without professional help. The symptoms of bruxism can include jaw pain, headaches, worn-down teeth and even disrupted sleep. Our team can help identify these signs and provide effective solutions to prevent further damage.

The Benefits of Night Guards

Custom night guards are a simple yet effective solution for bruxism. By creating a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, these guards can significantly reduce the stress on your jaw muscles and teeth. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Protection: Night guards protect your teeth from the wear and tear caused by grinding.
  • Pain Relief: By reducing tension on your jaw, night guards help alleviate jaw pain and headaches.
  • Improved Sleep: With a night guard, you can enjoy more restful sleep without the interruptions caused by grinding.

The Custom Fit Advantage

Unlike over-the-counter options, our night guards are custom-made to fit your unique dental structure. We begin with a thorough examination and take precise impressions of your teeth. This ensures that your night guard will be comfortable to wear and provide optimal protection. A custom fit also means better durability and effectiveness compared to generic alternatives.

Caring for Your Night Guard

Clean your night guard with a soft toothbrush and mild soap and store it in a protective case when not in use. Regular check-ups with our team will ensure your night guard remains in good condition and continues to provide the best protection.

At our practice, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care that addresses all aspects of your oral health. Whether you are dealing with bruxism or other dental concerns, we are here to help. If you suspect you might benefit from a night guard in Boise, Idaho, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Chad Hess, Dr. Randy Moss or Dr. Hayden Hess, at Emerald West Dental. Call 208-323-2294 to schedule your visit today.

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