Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontics by a General Dentist

Having crooked teeth is more than just a superficial cosmetic issue. It can have deeper consequences on your self-esteem. The condition can impact your self-image and generate negative consequences in your career and relationships.

We can improve the appearance of your smile and restore your confidence. We offer a range of orthodontic solutions for children, teens, and adults. Our practice prides itself on offering the latest orthodontic advancements to residents of Southwest Idaho at accessible and affordable rates.

Orthodontics for Children and Teens

Orthodontics is a great option to correct and guide the growth of your middle schooler or teen’s jaw and permanent teeth. Leave it in our capable hands to diagnose and treat jaw and teeth alignment problems without the need for surgery.

Set your children up for a fulfilling life when they reach adulthood by giving them the advantage of straight and healthy teeth. Talk to our doctors to learn which option is the best for your child.

Orthodontics for Adults

The teeth straightening capabilities of orthodontic treatments work on adults too. However, to preserve their professional image, most adults are not keen on wearing metal braces even if they want to have straighter teeth. Our dental practice offers more discreet and comfortable alternatives to metal brackets.

Ceramic braces are either tooth-colored or clear, and while these brackets are much more discreet, they are just as effective as metal braces. Invisalign is another less noticeable option and offers the convenience and flexibility that adults look for in orthodontic treatments. Contact our practice today to learn more about your options.

In some cases, a misaligned jaw or overcrowded teeth can result in serious oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. In addition to finding a suitable orthodontic treatment for you, our dentists will assess your overall oral health and determine if you need other dental services. This is to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment, as patients have different needs and require different levels of care and attention.

Straight, beautiful teeth will boost your confidence, and will enable you to smile without holding back. For affordable and effective orthodontic solutions for the whole family, choose Emerald West Dental. To schedule a free evaluation, call our office today.